Newest Cage Report

When Paladin started with the new short cage I had concerns as we’ve had difficulties in the past. Turns out a shorter cage is really best.

chance-new-cage-teen                         chance in jb teased

On the left is the new short cage.  On the right is the Jailbird. When I took these photos Paladin had a raging hard on inside both of them. In the shorter cage, there is nowhere to go. While I found this really appealing I worried about rashes, or other physical problems.

One of the problems with the Jailbird was the way the cage locked into the ring, and the shape of the ring being oval instead of round. These might be best for some, but they were not best for Paladin. The cage shifted around quite a bit, and the oval ring put pressure on his balls in a not so good way.

The shorter cage version has 2 prongs that fit into the ring and that keeps the cage securely in place.  It is a bit tricky to get it into place on him and not pinch or injure his skin there – but I figured out how to do that fairly quickly and simply take my time pushing the cage into the holes – while pushing his skin out of the way.  The huge plus?

Paladin has been wearing this for 16 days with less than an hour of being out. During the time he was out I examined his penis and balls for any irritation or signs of problems – and there were none.

The reason the shorter cage is best by far: Paladin’s penis is held against his body – there is no rubbing or other interactions with the shorter cage associated with the longer one. So he has had ZERO issues with the new cage.

So if you are experiencing problems, you might want to try a shorter cage.

Been Forever!

Well, maybe not quite that long.  Much has happened in Chastity Land since the last post. Some good, some not so good and some fantastic developments.


Searching for a fuck buddy was rough.  I traversed a whole lotta desert. Finally I found a new guy in the fall. He is great – and a lot of fun. It winds Paladin up several notches when I play so it is a win/win for me. And it never rains, but it pours. I put up an ad, thinking…well, if new guy doesn’t work out, I should continue looking. I got an email that made me laugh: “Pinky, is that you?” Yep. A guy I used to see, but stopped because he had family issues.  Issues solved – so now I have 2 guys I am seeing. Whoop!




I enjoyed chaining Paladin up in the bathroom while having a serious sexual romp in the bedroom.


And then there was this… a new cage – even smaller in size for his teeny penis!


So what wasn’t so good? Skin problems on Paladin’s balls and shaft from prolonged wear. With a period of enforced non-wear (one week) followed by wearing the device during the day and removing at night and the application of A&D Ointment everything is now fine.  Paladin’s health comes first – always.

I love the new cage. Teasing Paladin up while he is wearing it makes me so happy. Things continue to evolve. Hopefully I’ll get back in here sooner rather than later.

Happy Humping! Pinky

The Jail Bird

chance locked up Jail Bird

Its here!  Its on!  Mature Metal’s Jail Bird – and that is the key I wear around my neck.

Oh yeah!

Finally a device he can wear 24/7 and no worries about his balls escaping or it biting him in his sleep- keeping him from sleeping.  No more fiddling every day to get it on and locked.  It. Is. Simply. The. Best. Money so well spent!!!

And oo-lala, I get to tease him and keep him locked up.  This much fun must be illegal somewhere.  Fortunately not here! Look at that little hard-on going on down there.

chance in jb teased

Negotiating The Turns

The Continuing Story of Chastity, Devices & Challenges

new cock cage paladin
New Stainless Steel Chastity Device

2 weeks ago I ordered a new stainless steel chastity device at The Black Room on Sahara in Las Vegas.  I wanted a shorter cage as it has been suggested by others as better and also through the experience of Paladin wearing a device everyday we knew it was desirable. These are made in Germany so I waited for my phone to ring.  It did so yesterday.

Both of us were excited by this new device.  The stainless steel meant it wouldn’t react to Paladin’s skin and he could shower with it without worry.  As with every other device there was the usual learning curve.  The device has a unique adjustable ring with a flat pin that has a drilled hole for the lock to fit through.

The first time putting it on went all right, but the lower hinged section was pinching Paladin after walking around a bit.  I removed it and we put a piece of clear shrink wrap on it from one of the failed devices.  Then I wondered if I should flip the ring the other way to help with that pressure point.  Big mistake.  The ring only works with the pin facing one way.  After some pinching (poor Paladin) and cursing (me) I took it off and it became clear it would only work while facing the one way.  Good enough.  Installation number 2.  Lots of 2’s here.

Paladin wore it to walk the dog and took his shower.  We were concerned the ring was too tight.  The test for this is to see if you can get you index finger under the ring up to the first knuckle.  This applies to every male chastity device.  One does not want to cut off the circulation to the balls. It failed the test and needed to be backed down a notch.  So for the 3rd time the device was unlocked while an adjustment was made. Paladin wore it for the rest of the evening and said he wanted to try wearing it to sleep in.

new cock cage 1

This made me very happy.  And excited.  It was the next step in our journey with his chastity.  As we were under the covers I touched it and found it thrilling.  It seemed we had found something he could wear for longer periods of time without fear of breakage or other problems.  The key for the lock was left out in case he found it too uncomfortable for some reason in the middle of the night.  He remained locked up all night. Until morning.

Yesterday he went to work without wearing a device because the plastic device that we’ve been using has a protrusion on the back that was starting to irritate his scrotal sack.  Not good, so he went to work without one on. I found myself feeling a bit irritated by this development.  So when the phone rang and it was The Black Room saying the new device was in, I drove over there with much enthusiasm. At last!

Until morning. Hum.  Well, seems the edges of the ring had chaffed him during the night. He couldn’t wear it to work.  I was surprised by my own emotions at this news.  I felt sad. I felt angry.  I felt cheated.  2 days in a row going to work without a device?  Too much.  Before leaving for work Paladin had said he would work on the device edges to smooth them to be rounder and he would wear it tonight to bed.  This did not sit well with me at all.  I balked, but he was reassuring. I backed off.  He didn’t have to do this at all — he could simply say he didn’t want to wear one anymore and that would be that. When he left for work I closed the door and hot tears began to run down my face and I wanted to punch a wall (bad for the hand). Wow.  Where was this coming from?

I sat with these feelings for awhile.  One thing about feelings – very often they are not reliable things to act upon.  A little time and thought about those feelings was required. Finally I realized that the biggest part of all of this, the thing that had brought us closer together was that we had let down all of our walls, we had told our secrets and confessed our desires with honesty.  If I said nothing, it would be the first brick in the wall I was sure to be building.  I didn’t want that.  Instead I wrote him an email and sent it off with the hope it would be received as it was offered.  It was.

Surprise number… two. First was the surprise at my own strong feelings, next was my surprise at his answer:

I actually find it exciting that you really own this and have such strong feelings.

This email was wonderful, it thrilled me to hear you wanting me caged with such personal desire.

Well, clappy hands!!!  Color me a very happy woman.  It is not always clear this path we are on, but it is clear that being honest really is best.

So tonight when he gets home he will work on the device and I will put it on him and he will wear it to walk the dog and everything else and see how it feels.

I ordered a Jailbird chastity device from Mature Metal last week.  It can take up to 8 weeks to get the device so this seems like an answer for the interim. Fingers crossed.  I will report on any further events in future posts.

About Last Night…

pbs boobs
Pinky’s Boobs when aroused.

Sometimes I get very horny and make snap decisions about what I want in the ‘Now’. That was last night. Dinner was minutes away from the table and the urge was huge. Cell phones are wonderful devices in these situations.  I made a date with a guy while I finished having dinner with Paladin.  He had no idea what I was doing as I could use my email or text – no actual call was made. Fun was afoot!

This is a new guy we were going to see for the second time.  The last time he was here I got exactly what I asked for.  He was clean, neat and actually got off on shoving his cock into Paladin’s mouth. Woot!

Paladin is a cocksucker.  He is not into anything else when it comes to other males.  He is only interested in sucking off another guy.  He enjoys the humiliation of being on his knees, being used.  I enjoy watching and participating in this activity. I like putting my fingers in his hair to grasp his head while shoving his head to take in as much cock as he can.

I have got to give new guy a name.  Hmm. I’m going to call him Drum.  He knows how to keep a beat and keep things going. Okay, so Drum it is. So yes.  I had told Drum what I wanted in the living room before heading to the bedroom. First I had to distract the dog so there would be no whining or scratching to distract us.  I gave the dog a bully stick and went to the closed bedroom door.  I opened it and was wonderfully surprised to see Drum already naked, Paladin already naked and on his knees sucking Drum’s nice cock.

I pushed past them and got undressed and joined them hugging Drum’s side.  As Paladin was told to “Take it all!” by Drum and was having his face shoved hard onto that cock I was pinching and slapping Paladin’s  left breast.  Paladin was jumping and Drum was encouraging me by saying: “Give it to him, give him some pain.”  Now Drum could not actually know I enjoyed hearing this – but this guy, he is a real keeper.  He instantly takes cues most miss.


Next up was a short fuck with Drum on the bed while Paladin watched.  Drum lifted my legs into the air and gave me a lovely ride. His cock is a nice size – not too big so he could slide in to the root. I’m not that big and large cocks can be painful thrust in all the way.  A bruised cervix is not my idea of a good time. Some women like this – I do not. I wanted Paladin to taste my pussy on Drum’s cock, so he was called to get on the bed and received his second face fucking of the evening. Drum is without mercy when he does this and I get that tingly feeling in my clit even remembering this. Drum really pounded Paladin’s mouth. As agreed, Drum pulled out of Paladin’s mouth and came on my pussy. This was my compromise for myself and Paladin.  If Drum turns out to be our Unicorn, at some point in the future I will let him come inside of me. For last night, it was perfect.  I felt what had to be a rather large load hit and then run down my pussy while Drum played with my clit while he came. It was amazing.

After Drum moved off the bed I told Paladin to clean me up.  It was delicious to feel him there between my legs lapping away and paying attention to my clit as only he can do. When Drum was ready to leave I had Paladin walk him out past the dog to the front door.  I remained on the bed, waiting for more attention.  Which I got a lot of.

All of this activity ramps up Paladin.  I had removed his cage before we began so I could slap his balls and pull on his cock when I wanted to.  As we lay together on the bed after my 2 orgasms I started playing with Paladin’s nipples. I pinched, licked and sucked at them until his cock was very aroused and flipping about on its own.  Then I started playing very lightly with his cock.  The moaning and the groaning sounds he made were so delightful to my ears. Instead of using a strong hand, a very light one was eliciting responses I had never witnessed before.  This was fun!  He confessed he was going to come unless I stopped.  I had no intention of stopping.  He shot past his shoulder and hit the pillow beside his head.  My goodness!  I was so happily surprised by this there just aren’t enough words.

In all it made for a heady 30 minutes of sexual activity that left me with weak legs in the most delicious way.

Now, a word about swallowing or spitting seaman.  Years ago I was concerned about Paladin’s health and his sucking dicks so I did some research.  I didn’t want him to contract some disease through this activity. So here is the 411 on that issue:

Disease from seaman can enter your body through bleeding gums or bad tooth decay. Do not brush your teeth directly before or directly after you have had seaman in your mouth. If you swallow the acids in your stomach destroy the seaman and any disease it might carry – including HIV. Rinsing your mouth with mouthwash afterward is recommended as well. So it is safer to give head than to get fucked vaginally or anally because disease can pass more easily through vaginal or anal tissues.

This is why it was okay to have Drum come on my pussy and okay for Paladin to lick it off. It is also why you will catch me chewing some mint gum before giving head to a strange guy.  I have sweet smelling breath without the brushing and it has the added bonus of taking away any flavors I don’t like – as the mint overpowers that.  The only seaman I like tasting is Paladin’s – some are okay, most taste vile to me.  But hey, that is me.  Everyone is different!

Our adventures continue.  Next time I will take photos. I was just too excited to remember this time.

emoji_sexface 2


The Beatings Will Continue

Until Morale Improves

paladin beating flogging
Left photo is before, photos on right are during. Notice the butt — even though I was asking him to relax, he couldn’t do it. This did not make me angry nor did it slow down my assault.      I spanked him after I took the photo.

Actually morale was just fine before and after — I just like that saying. Paladin recently confessed to having a desire to be hung by his wrists and flogged.  He rigged an apparatus in our bedroom so we could hang him from the leather wrist restraints.  It worked exactly as planned.

I did not hold back or do anything other than what I wanted to do.  Paladin has a safe word which he never used.  The blindfold is something I feel is needed so that he never knows what is coming or when, let alone where.  It adds to the excitement.

So this is not punishment – as some might think. I was not and have never been angry with Paladin when I flog, whip, spank or hit him. So why do we do this?

In simple terms it answers something deep inside of us.

paladin flogging 3
Halfway through our session.

For myself it brings a sense of power and sexual excitement.  I would not feel this way if Paladin wasn’t a willing subject. If he were unwilling I could not do this.  This was also true in my past when I had sexual relationships with other men who were submissives and sissy boys. I spanked, flogged, hit, bit and threw around many men who clearly were subs and told me up front what they desired.  They too had safe words.  That way I never went past their limits and they were able to experience what they wanted. I was their Domme. They wanted to serve me and they did in many different ways.

So what do the men, the subs get in this transaction?  What did Paladin receive besides an all around thrashing with a flogger, hand, riding crop and leather paddle? Inner peace.  Yes.  Every male I have ever let loose on has told me the same thing.  They feel an inner calm. Their faces go soft, wrinkles disappear.  Some of them look like sleepy newborn babies afterward.

This session with Paladin was different from all the others before it and not just because he would be hanging instead of tied down to the bed.  Here is what he wrote to me concerning this new phase:

“I don’t know exactly where this next thing is coming from, but it has to do with your flogging me.  I find these beatings painful in a way that is not immediately exciting, but in a way that eventually excites.  These beatings also intensely assert you as in charge and doing what you want to me.  I’m not asked if I like it, I’m simply whipped.  This is different than some of the painful things I experience, which in and of themselves can be exciting.  Instead, being flogged actually just hurts, but for some reason when the beating stops I feel the need to be beaten more until the marks don’t go away for a long while.  Would you take pictures of the red welts on my ass and chest?  Would this kind of thing be exciting to you or just too extreme?  I Fantasize of being tied, naked with arms over head, and being flogged across my butt, back and chest. “

As you can already tell from the photos, no it wasn’t too extreme for me.  Also, its not something I asked of him.  I was happy with the way things had been.  I could have gone on that way without feeling I wanted more from him. But. When he offered this I would be a big fat liar if I said it did not excite me.  It greatly excited me to move into this space.

After this session, after being untied, unshackled and released from his bonds  I had Paladin lie down on the bed.  I did the same.  I lay next to him, I hugged his body. I had done the same with the other men – but the feelings are deeper with Paladin because I love this man. His health and happiness are important to me on a whole other level.

Perhaps an hour later we talked.  Paladin told me that what he gets from this is peace from turning over all control to me.  He is not in charge of anything. This I believe is the key to why men in particular actually receive a benefit in this situation. In the world, Paladin is at the top in business.  He has teams of people who work under him. He has 2 offices in different buildings. Its stressful. The other men I saw  were in the same position a lot of the time.

One man in particular was responsible for 500 employees and their families.  He had to make decisions that affected all of those people every day.  It wore him down. When he was with me he didn’t have to make a single decision about anything. I decided what he would and would not wear, what he would and wouldn’t do and so on.  As he put it to me once, “With you I have 2 hours of bliss.”  He left my home with welts the size of my thumb on his ass smelling of Channel No. 5. He left happy.

I was also satisfied and happy after these encounters, but they do not compare to my time with Paladin.  This is more intimate.  This is much more sexually exciting to me.

As Paladin hung there yesterday I sucked at his nipples in between the floggings and at one point knowing he was sexually aroused I had an orgasm without so much as touching myself.  I touched him, caressed him, whipped him and licked him. At the end I got my foot stool so that I could stand just a little higher and I could kiss him hard and deep and bite his jawline.  I owned him, I consumed him, I loved him.  As only I can do.

Early on in our budding relationship, he told me he wanted a woman who wold not be afraid of him. I laughed. How could I ever be afraid of such a loving and caring human being?

pinky loves paladin


Relationship, Fidelity & Sex

love codyRelationship

What Paladin and I have in our relationship is defined by us and changes as time moves forward and we (hopefully) mature and better ourselves.  By better, I don’t mean material better. I’m talking about improving our behaviors, our understandings and being better people in the world and with one another.

Yes we are married. Yes we are the very best of friends. We are companions in life wherever this journey takes us. Along with Relationship comes Responsibility.

I am responsible for myself, for my own happiness and I have a responsibility to treat Paladin with love, respect and understanding.  I do this from love. I love him to the very depths of my core as a human being and a spiritual creature. I love him like I love my next breath. It is a love that has only gotten deeper with time.

Honesty. Trust. Humor. Affection. Fidelity. Sex.

Every relationship has parts.

love clouds codyFidelity

I’m not talking stereos or the Marines.  I am talking about the heart.  I am talking about love.  I am talking about honoring whatever one has agreed to in a relationship.  Many people see fidelity as never straying sexually in marriage. If that is what is agreed upon in the marriage then that would be true.

Paladin and I have a different agreement about sex in our relationship. We agree that it is fine for the other person to have sex with other people – but – there are some guidelines and one big Do Not Go There.

The guidelines are simple.  1. If one of us is going out to play with others the one not going needs to know the particulars. Where, who and possibly how long need to be emailed, messaged or phoned in before running off to play.  2. Use protection. Use condoms. No Exceptions. 3. Honoring a “NO”.  This has never happened, but if one of us popped up and said “No, I don’t feel comfortable with you doing that.” all bets are off.  No harm, no foul.

The Do Not Go There: What Fidelity means in our relationship is that we will not go looking for Love elsewhere.  We agree that our hearts belong to one another.  We are always true to one another. So what is sex in our relationship?

t rex love


Basically I have 2 kinds of sex (I would say this is true for Paladin as well).  One kind is purely recreational – it scratches an itch. There are no cuddles afterward, no hand holding, no kisses. I have sex with different males and when we’ve both had our Big O, I’m done.  My relationship to those men is like my relationship to a car on a roller coaster – the ride was great, this is where I get off and go home. The sex I have with Paladin is different.  Its deeper. It holds meaning. With Paladin, there are cuddles, caresses, kisses and hand holding.

While reading other blogs, other on-line journals of those who have the male chastity kink I often see a pattern that does not exist in the relationship I have with Paladin. There is a whole lot of topping from the bottom. There is a lot of whining. There are women who are really being turned into naughty mothers instead of strong partners. I see them as trapped. He gets what he wants or she never gets what she wants. I find this sad. Where is the fun?  Where is the humor?

chance pull my hair

Sex is only part of a relationship.  When it becomes the only part of a relationship that holds importance one is going to have some really unbalanced and unhappy days. This is true in a so called vanilla couple as well as a kinked up couple.  Paladin and I are equals. Sex play is just that, sex play.  Having that spill over into normal day to day life would be a disaster as far as I am concerned. So where does that male chastity device come in you might ask.

Think of a male chastity device as beautiful lingerie.  He loves to wear it, I love seeing it on him. Does it add spice to or sex life?  Yes.  Do we have sex every day? No. Do we have the same kind of sex every time? No. Variety is a great thing when it comes to sex. It keeps things fresh and interesting. If Paladin wakes up tomorrow and says he no longer wishes to wear his cage it will no longer be worn by him. Which brings me to: Honor.


I use the word honor as a verb here.  It means I respect and hold in great esteem my life partner. I admire his abilities, his big brain, his big heart and his resilience.  I know we are fortunate to have found one another and I readily acknowledge that it has been work to bring us to this place in our relationship.  How wonderful it is to reap the rewards of that work.

Honesty Trust and Humor

trex last unicorn

I kind of feel this cartoon says it all.  Did you laugh?  Are we not silly creatures, all of us?

We know what these words Honesty, Trust and Humor mean. We know how we should behave and how we should treat one another.  When things go wrong, when we do bad things the only way forward is to admit our short comings, our mistakes and to apologize to our mate.  When our mate asks for that forgiveness and has not made excuses for the bad behavior we should forgive and if we are able we should try to find some humor in it.


Male Chastity Devices

paladin cock cages x3

Once you start down this path you will find that there are lots of different male chastity devices.  Some look good, some look strange and some look dangerous.  That is in the ‘Looks’ department.  Until you are holding one of them in your hot little hands, you can only speculate on their value, and whether they will actually fit the Bill or the Bob…or the Paladin.

Some of these are expensive, some are cheap.  You can buy them at a brick and mortar store with ‘Adult Items’ or an on-line store like Pink Cherry or even Amazon.  We now own 4 devices.

The first we tried can be found all sorts of places and its not bad – but I found it difficult to put on, and not much easier to get off. It is soft and made from silicone, has different sizes of rings and is easy to clean.  I give it a C+

paladin silicone device

The next device I bought is made from black plastic.  It is light weight and doesn’t show under most of Paladin’s pants.  It cannot be worn for more than 10 hours. The ring has straight sides and leaves marks after time.  Paladin has been wearing this to work 4 out of 5 days and on the weekends.  It started to come apart at the very top and Paladin fixed that by working the pin back into position that was holding it together.  It also had a very tiny set of holes for the lock to go through making the whole act of getting it on him tricky as the ring is hinged, so I had to hold that and then capture his penis in the cage and slide that around the top of the ring I was holding closed and slip the lock through. Still, it was better than the first device so we kept using it while I looked at others.  I give this device a B.

paladin cage problems rs.jpg

Next up, the ring with the black silicone cock cage.  I bought this for me.  I loved the way it looked and was hoping to ride my pussy over it while I straddled Paladin.  I did indeed do just that and I loved it.  It had rough surfaces which needed to be sanded on the ring.  It is tricky to get on as well.  If you buy one, put the cage on his cock first.  Then put the hinged ring around his balls.  After you get it 3/4 closed, you will have to slip the tabs with the holes over the ring ends.  Then close it, and put the lock through.  It looks wonderful, and it is a different feeling for Paladin – but – the metal the ring is made from reacts to Paladin’s skin and burns.  I will try spraying it with clear lacquer to see if it can be saved.  I have to give this device a D.  It wasn’t cheap and it came without any instructions for putting it on – and the metal should be something that will not react with skin – like stainless steel.

paladin cock cage silicone 1

Next is the wire cage device.  It arrived today and I was hoping it would be better than the others.  Even if it wasn’t better, it was an inexpensive test to see if Paladin would like this style of device.  I found a company called Mature Metal that makes devices from surgical stainless steel and each device is made to order for the male it is for. It is made from the measurements you give them. Mature Metal devices are around 300.00 – so that is an investment you want to get right.  So back to today’s device. It resembles the Jailbird by Mature Metal. Paladin worked his balls through the ring and with a bit of work because his cock was getting hard I got the cage on and locked.  He loved it.  He loved the feel of the metal, the weight and the curve.  I loved it too.  Then he took the dog for a walk.  Another lesson for us.  When he returned he was in pain.  His skin was reacting with the metal.  I took it off right away and there were red marks where the metal touched his skin.  I was really disappointed about the reaction – but I was very happy to find that if we did order one from Mature Metal it would fit, and he would love it. I give our latest 14.95 from Amazon device a C-.  I am going to lacquer this one as well – so we can potentially use it for play.

paladin cock cage silver 1

I ordered the test rings from Mature Metal yesterday.  To assure a good fit Paladin can try out the sizes decide which one is best for the ring.  He can wear it for day and see how it feels. If we are going to do this, we are going to do as Mature Metal suggests.  Then once we have everything measured I will place an order for his Jailbird.  Here is Mature Metal’s Jailbird:

jailbird mature metal

You can see the other devices here:

Mature Metals devices are expensive and take 6-8 weeks to be made.  In the end, if you want to lock that up – it should be caged in the best.






TENS Unit Fun

paladin tens unit 2

Lookie what Amazon brought us this week!  A TENS unit.  We wanted to try electro stimulation on Paladin.  Most units for doing that are very expensive.  If you are not sure it will be something you like, you can buy the “medical” version.  Very affordable – 34.99.  If you have Prime, shipping is free.

Read the instructions.  Do not in your excitement just start popping things on your body.

So we tried it out on the non sex parts of our bodies first – to see what it felt like.  I do recommend doing this.

Next:  Paladin’s cock and balls.  The pads have a unique super sticky on them – but for the best results you will want to have as little hair as possible to make good contact.  You can shave the areas you want to place the pads on.

paladin tens unit 3 I put pads on the top and bottom side of his balls and also on his soft cock.  The pads need to be on opposite sides to work.  Again, read those instructions!

paladin tens unit 1

Now hook them up to the unit.  Make sure it is turned off. All hooked up?  Time to try out the different settings and then start ramping up the power.

I would post the video I shot of Paladin’s cock and balls getting zapped, but its b o r i n g.  What one feels and what one actually sees is miles apart.  If you see vids on-line, you will find the guy is groaning and his cock may be barely moving.  That is because the electro stimulation feels a certain way (good) but the effect does not make for much movement.

Now about HFO.  Hands Off Orgasm.  For most, this simply will not happen.  What is so great about this unit if you are a cuck’s mate is that it brings them to the brink over and over and they never actually ejaculate.  It is a wonderful way to torture them!

Are they a bit of a pain slut?  Even better.  Turn up the volume and watch them writhe. Remember to have a safe word – so if it’s too much you can turn it off or back down the power.

Make your safe word something weird.  Like Pesto or Quicksand.  It should be strange enough to grab your attention immediately. That way they can yell “no no no” and you can ignore them safely – because “no” means “yes” coming from a pain slut.

Last night I ordered 2 add-ons for this unit.  One is for the anus and the other for the vagina.  Oh yes, I want to feel things too!!! At some point I will report on those new stimming adventures.

Happy Stimmimg!

Man 4 Couple

fuck photos 1 pinky paladin part 2

In case you missed it, this is Part 2 of 411 M4MW.  If you haven’t read the post before this one, I suggest you do.

So you got into the Couple’s Door.  They picked you from about 100 guys who wrote to them about their ad.  Congratulations!

Do you want to be asked back after this encounter?  You need to follow some simple rules.

Bring your own condoms! For us, that is your ticket for admission. Ask if they have a preference.  If they do, bring those.

Abide by any rules set forth by the couple.  Do not suggest or otherwise try to push your own agenda with them. Assume nothing.  If you aren’t sure about something – ask them politely.

No bragging.  They don’t need to hear about your oral skills.  They don’t want to hear about how you made the last woman scream when she came. Keep your comments to a minimum.

Do not talk about testing for STDs unless they ask.  If you tell us about how often you are tested, we will assume you are having way too much unprotected sex. We may not show you the door on this one – but we will play safe (no kissing, no oral anything with you) and we will never ask you back. Never.

If the woman says her breasts are sensitive and not to suck too hard – and this may sound like a no brainer – don’t suck hard on those nipples. If she says not so fast, not so hard – back the hell off the throttle.  If I have to tell a guy more than once to take it easy with me and be gentle I am likely to ask him to get dressed and leave.  That is a complete turn off. This is about pleasure.  If you hurt a woman, all those really good feelings that were building will vanish in a hot second.

Porn sex is not real sex.  Whatever you have been watching, forget it when you get naked with that couple.  A woman’s genitals are soft, moist and tender. Don’t get hand hammy and rough!  It doesn’t feel good, it feels quite the opposite. Imagine having a hair brush rubbed roughly across the head of your cock. Imagine your cock being given a massage by small rough logs. Ouch?  Yes, for most, ouch! The only exceptions here are if the woman asks for it harder, faster, rougher.  Some women do like it rough.  Again, be sensible, pay attention and ask if in doubt.

“How does that feel?” is a really excellent question from a lover who is trying to please.  This works on girlfriends and wives too.

When the fun is over and everyone has had their Big O, and you feel the need to clean up before putting on your clothes – ask them where you can do that.  They may have you use the guest bathroom. We have a towel for our guest in case he needs to rinse off or do some general clean up before dressing.

Do not linger unless you are asked to.  Tell them you enjoyed yourself and Thank Them.  Its basic manners. It builds a bridge.  If they were looking for a friend to hang with, they will have already told you that.  If they said nothing about that, you need to leave.  If you follow these steps, chances are better than good you will be asked back.  Why do you think that is?

The reason we ask so few men to return for another romp is because they have violated 2 or more of the rules I just laid out. 1 in 10 gets a return trip.  When we find that guy, that one, we will play with him exclusively until we or he gets bored or becomes otherwise involved.  This is ideal.

The more time we spend with that guy, the better he gets to know us and us him.  The sex is better.  If he is especially good, I will even do things for him that are just for him — things that were on his secret wish list even.  He’s earned it.